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Cosmetic Surgery Can Complement Weight Loss Efforts

It takes a lot of discipline and hard work to lose weight, but the results are worth it. If you’ve accomplished your weight loss goals, you may find that loose skin remains a factor. This is when you may wish to look into the benefits of post-weight loss surgery, which can serve as a complement to your weight loss efforts.

The removal of excess skin does more than just complement weight loss. It can be used to remove scars from a procedure such as a C-section, for example. The surgeon will conceal the scar or integrate it into the new procedure, depending on the position of the incision. A tummy tuck will flatten the stomach and relax it while trimming the scarred tissue. The scar may also be blended with a barely visible incision.

With a tummy tuck procedure, a tattoo on the abdomen can also be shifted or removed. While these advantages depend on the particular procedure and location of the patient’s tattoo, please talk to your surgeon about this opportunity.

Gentera offers a broad array of cosmetic surgery procedures to assist patients with weight loss goals including tummy tuck and more using minimally invasive techniques. Please contact us to learn more.

This update is by Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine. We provide a variety of services including cell therapy, sexual wellness, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, and more across our three locations in Miami, Boca Raton, and Los Angeles. For more information on Los Angeles cell therapy, please call 818-369-4604.

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