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Low Testosterone May Be Affecting Your Joints

Not only is physical discomfort a burden of joint pain, but the functional limitations it causes as activities become harder also become a concern. In some situations, it may mean giving up things that you enjoy doing, affecting your productivity and quality of life seriously. Such aches and pains, however, can be treated.

You may already be fighting joint pain. Or maybe by being proactive, you’re looking for a way to prevent it. The sooner you deal with joint pain, the likelier you will be able to reduce your risk factors and find relief. For men, low testosterone may be a joint pain culprit.

Androgen hormones like testosterone have a protective effect. Testosterone replacement therapy in men with testosterone deficiency may alleviate joint pain and damage. This deficiency may be the result of chronic disease, an injury, or the normal aging process and it has many symptoms. However, many men— including those who have already been diagnosed with low testosterone— may not be aware that joint health can be seriously affected by the condition.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may provide an effective way of dealing with joint pain caused by low testosterone. Contact us for more information.

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