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Dealing with a Double Chin

A double chin can make a person self-conscious. To deal with it, a person may need to visit a doctor to figure out what’s causing it. Double chins can be a result of skin elasticity, bone structure, fat, or even a mix of any of these. A procedure may be the answer to dealing with it.

Let’s take fat, for instance. It’s largely considered to be the major culprit behind a double chin. Thankfully, several effective treatments are available to get rid of this fat. Beyond losing weight, one option to consider is liposuction, a procedure where a doctor removes fat calls from a certain part of the body for the purpose of reshaping the chin and neck.

Another option you may wish to look into is a neck lift. While a typical facelift concentrates on the face and neck, there is a greater focus solely on the neck when it comes to a necklift. For individuals that aren’t in need of facial rejuvenation but do want to tackle certain parts, a necklift can help with neck skin that sags and may assist with getting rid of the double chin.

Contact us at Gentera to set up a consultation and we’ll discuss options available to help you get rid of your double chin.

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