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PRP Therapy Has Numerous Benefits

We’ve talked about PRP therapy and the website Haute Living recently did a feature on it that further discusses its benefits while also serving as something of an introduction. To provide a refresher, PRP (also recognized as stem cell treatment) falls under the umbrella of regenerative medicine. The platelet-rich, whole blood-derived plasma protein is centrifuged to extract red blood cells. It can then be injected back into injury areas or for cosmetic needs to maximize cell turnover, encourage healing and improve overall appearance and elasticity of the skin.

While PRP therapy may be best suited to those dealing with issues like torn tendons or sprains, the treatment may help with boosting general health, particularly among patients that are going through the aging process and are experiencing general pains and aches. As for its cosmetic potential, PRP may help with treating common skin conditions like acne or it can provide a more youthful appearance by boosting the aforementioned skin elasticity via cell turnover.

PRP treatments are typically noticeable within the first two weeks and will continue to improve over time.

PRP therapy is among the many services Gentera provides. If it sounds like something you may wish to do, contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it.

This update is by Gentera. Our services include Miami regenerative medicine, cell therapy, hormone therapy, sexual wellness, cosmetic surgery, and more. We have multiple locations including Los Angeles and Miami. For more information on regenerative medicine Florida, please call 305-853-9166 or 1-855-723-3859.

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