Dr. Juan Remos Discusses Sun Protection

Dr. Juan Remos Discusses Sun Protection With SocialMiami

Summer is halfway done for 2020 and Miami’s weather remains just as hot since December! Living in the heat is normal for us yet, what tends to be the first thing we forget about while we frolic in the heat? SUN PROTECTION.

Dr. Juan Remos, Medical Director of our Miami / Coral Gables office, was interviewed by SocialMiami’s Cristina Mas about how even on cloudy days we are still exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Dr. Remos describes to us the difference between UVA and UVB rays and how both cause damage to your DNA structure. “Both types can damage collagen fibers, destroy Vitamin A in the skin, accelerate aging of the skin, and increase the risk of skin cancers.” Dr. Remos explains in the article.

Don’t miss out on some safety tips from Dr. Remos, from how to apply sunscreen to how to reverse aging from previous exposure with the use of peptides and cell rejuvenation therapy.  Hear from one of our anti-aging experts on how to protect your skin now and in the future. Keep your Miami Glow and learn how to catch a tan “healthy-style”.

Read the Full Article Here.

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