Dr. Z Celebrates Masturbation Month with Swell

Dr. Z Celebrates Masturbation Month with Swell By Dame

Hey, it’s no secret that masturbation is a normal part of being human and one of the most essential parts of self-care. Yet, do you know what are the health benefits from your self-love session? That’s why we have the AMAZING Dr. Katherine Zagone, Medical Director of our Gentera Beverly Hills office, gives you all the goodies about maturbation during Masturbation Month at Swell By Dame.

Masturbation may make you feel physically great, but it goes beyond that! Self-play can offer you relief from stress, reduce menstrual cramps, and maybe even boost your immune system. Orgasms trigger our brains to flood us with feel-good chemicals that can induce a state of calm and well-being.

The benefits outnumber the fear of not expressing self-love, so go for it!

Read the article here.

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