IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy is often the best way to deliver key nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, directly into the bloodstream, where they then move into the body’s cellular structures. IV Infusion Therapy allows these vital substances to be quickly absorbed, giving rapid results clients can quickly feel. 

IV Infusion Therapy for better absorption of crucial nutrients

You probably already take vitamin, mineral and other supplements by mouth, in addition to obtaining many nutrients through food. But IV Infusion Therapy, which accesses your bloodstream more readily, can lead to much higher absorption. 

In fact, you may absorb nearly 100% of the nutrients you receive through IV Infusion Therapy. This bathes the body – including the brain – in the essential substances needed for health, wellness, and beauty.

How can IV Infusion Therapy help you feel and perform better? 

At Gentera Center for Precision Medicine, we tailor infusions for each patient, according to their history and needs. 

IV Infusion Therapy

Our tailored IV Infusion Therapies can help you:

• Boost energy • Reduce anxiety  • Increase immune health   • Improve athletic performance • Foster beautiful, healthy skin • Nurture a relaxed mind • Improve libido • Get more restful sleep

IV Infusion Therapy to Boost Energy

Thirst Quencher, for hydration

This IV Infusion Therapy is specially designed to flood your body with the proper fluids and electrolytes needed for optimal bodily balance. Hydration is one of the keys to energy and brain function, and this treatment helps replenish you. 

Energy Boost

We may add an energy-boosting infusion to other infusions. This infusion uses a B vitamin complex – including B12, B5, and B6 – to help your cells break down glucose into ATP, the energy they need to do their jobs. 

IV Infusion Therapy to Reduce Anxiety

Zen, to aid relaxation

Relax your mind, body, and soul with this infusion specially formulated to improve mental energy, focus, and cognitive function so you can feel centered and regain clarity. This infusion includes magnesium, which research has found can reduce anxiety, including postpartum anxiety and premenstrual syndrome-related anxiety. Magnesium plays an important role in regulating neurotransmitters and turns off cells’ action potential – allowing them to relax to minimal workload so the body can heal and revitalize itself. Magnesium is involved in a wide range of nervous system functions and can help moderate your adrenal glands’ release of cortisol and adrenaline. Stress can cause the body to sequester magnesium and secrete it as waste instead of using it. This infusion helps rapidly boost your magnesium levels. 

IV Infusion Therapy for Immune Health

The Immunity IV, to boost your immune system

Support your immune system with nutrients that can help the body fight and protect itself from illness. This infusion has a high dose of vitamin C, as well as antiviral amino acids such as lysine, which blocks amino acids that spread viruses in the body and is a crucial building block of immune cells. This infusion also includes fluids full of B vitamins, which help with everything from making new red blood cells and transporting oxygen around the body to producing and directing the activity of white blood cells and T cells. 

IV Infusion Therapy for Performance and Stamina

Athletes Revenge, designed for elite performance and stamina

Boost your performance with an elixir designed to rebuild connective tissue, promote better circulation, and increase stamina. This infusion hydrates the body with a mix of amino acids that have been shown to improve muscle recovery time and support focused athletic performance by targeting muscle synthesis, growth, and tone. This includes taurine, an antioxidant that increases muscle level and helps reduce muscle damage, such as the minor damage that you sustain while working to build strength. Taurine also balances the body’s electrolytes and helps the body digest food into needed energy. We also include arginine, which the body converts to nitric oxide – which, in turn, improves blood flow by causing blood vessels to open wider. Meanwhile, a B vitamin complex – including B12, B5, and B6 – helps your cells metabolize glucose into ATP, the energy they need to do their jobs. 

IV Infusion Therapy for Anti-Aging

The Beauty Bomb, for smooth, radiant skin

This IV Infusion Therapy is designed to renew your skin’s radiant glow with an age-defying infusion of essential vitamins and minerals, while helping you relax in body and mind. It includes glutathione, the “mother of all antioxidants” to elevate your beauty from the inside-out. Amino acids like glycine, proline, and biotin help support your body’s production of antioxidants that are important in fighting ageing free radicals; collagen helps your skin and joints; and creatine helps with energy and brain function. MICC (a mix of L-methionine, inositol, choline, and cyanocobalamin) helps your liver remove fat from the body as waste, helps the body more evenly distribute helpful cholesterol and metabolize all cholesterol, and helps eliminate abnormal fatty deposits. L-carnitine helps transport fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria, where they are burned for energy; among other functions, this helps your brain work better. All of these substances are found naturally in your body, but this super-amino acid combo boosts your levels and performs heroic duty in cell health and detoxification.

IV Infusion Therapy for Hangover

Bounce Back, to help you recover, rebound and rehydrate

Restore proper fluid balance and replace lost nutrients with a mix of hydration, B vitamins, and magnesium. By relaxing the muscles and hydrating the body and brain, this infusion helps replenish you after over-consumption of alcohol. It aids recuperation and provides relief for fast recovery after a happy night of celebration or over-indulgence. This infusion can help cells get back to the right balance.

Contact us today to make an appointment and learn how IV Infusion Therapy and other precision therapies can help you feel, perform, and look better. 

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