IV Therapy FAQ’s

IV Infusion

How painful is IV Therapy?

You will feel a prick when the needle goes in initially, but most people don’t feel any discomfort once the drip has started. Occasionally you may feel a dull aching in the arm. In this case the practitioner may adjust the speed or solution to make you more comfortable. Overall our patients report a very comfortable experience. Some people even taste the vitamins in the back of their mouth.

Do I feel the effects right away?

Some people notice increased energy and clarity within seconds. Other people don’t notice much during the drip itself, but find their normal routine seems easier and they have more energy the next day or two. Most people feel more relaxed during the drip. Everyone is unique and stress and current nutrient status both play a role in how fast or how much someone will feel the effects of the IV.

Why take vitamins intravenously rather than orally?

When we take vitamins or even eat food, anywhere from 20-50% actually gets absorbed by the gut. What happens to the rest? With IV vitamins we bypass the gut allowing for 100% absorption. Also, many oral supplements often use low-quality vitamins. The vitamins in our IVs are the highest quality possible and the most bioactive forms. Additionally, by taking nutrients via an IV we can reach higher levels in our body and bloodstream. For example, if one were to take 5 grams of Vitamin C orally, it would almost certainly cause loose stool, aka diarrhea. But we can do 5 grams of Vitamin C in and IV without any bathroom issues which means a higher dosage and more immune boosting and skin enhancing power in your body.

How does it work?

After discussing your needs and taking your vital signs, the doctor will decide which IV formulation would be best for you. The specially formulated nutrients are added to the IV bag and the tubing and needle are prepared. Either the doctor or nurse will prepare the site and gently insert the needle. Then they will begin the drip slowly to make sure there is no pain or discomfort. You sit back and relax while your body gets infused with top-notch vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Once the bag is empty, the doctor or nurse will remove the needle and wrap the site. You are good to go and enjoy your buzz!

What are the potentially negative side effects?

It is common to urinate more than usual and also to feel thirsty. As with anything that punctures the skin, there is a very small risk of infection at the site and complications are incredibly rare

What do I need to do before I do IV Therapy?

Tell the doctor if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions. Eating something within 2 hours before the IV is helpful.

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