Muscular Skeletal Health & Pain Management

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people go to the doctor. Back pain is the second most common reason. Not all people can or want to take prescription medication for these conditions. Thankfully, cell therapy is an up-and-coming alternative method for optimal muscular skeletal health.

Some services we offer for pain management include:

Muscular Skeletal Health and Pain Management

Many musculoskeletal problems, such as shoulder pain and knee pain, result from arthritis. Cell therapy for muscular skeletal health and pain management has been shown to work as a stand-alone treatment for tennis elbow and back, neck, shoulder and knee pain associated with arthritis. The new cells have the potential to rebuild damaged cartilage in your joints and repair torn muscle tissue.

Natural Pain Management

Cell therapy originates within your own body, so side effects are minimal. You can use this type of pain management along with medications, physical therapy and other treatments recommended by your doctor.

To learn more about your options for treatment, call Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine. We're happy to set up your initial consultation.

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