PRP for Precision & Functional Medicine

PRPPlatelet-rich plasma therapy can provide relief for many types of pain. Platelet-rich plasma for precision medicine aids in the repair of damaged joints. The lack of blood flow in soft tissue slows healing time, but the use of  platelet-rich plasma for precision and functional medicine in Miami can stimulate healing. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Precision and Functional Medicine

If you've been wrestling with an injury that doesn't seem to heal, ultrasound-guided joint injections of platelet-rich plasma may help. If you're interested in platelet-rich plasma for precision medicine in Miami, ask about the use of ultrasound for injection placement. 

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can effectively reduce inflammation and pain and help you regain mobility. For the therapy to work, the injection must be specifically placed. Using an ultrasound to guide the injection allows the practitioner to see the location of the needle in real-time as they guide it to the injury. Ultrasound-guided joint injections have over a 90% successful placement rate while the placement rates of injections performed without ultrasound can be as low as 30%.

Whether you're experiencing pain in your tendons or muscles or osteoarthritis pain, visiting a practice that specializes in platelet-rich plasma for precision medicine in Miami, FL can provide relief. 

If you want to learn more about ultrasound-guided joint injections and platelet-rich plasma therapy, give us a call at Gentera Center for Precision Medicine. You can schedule an appointment to discuss your issue and learn about treatment options.

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