USA TODAY Features Dr. Z About Sex & COVID-19

Believe it or not, but sex during COVID-19 has been a part of the routine talks in news headlines and government guidelines. With all the rules in place (wearing masks and gloves, staying 6-feet away), many wonder how exactly will they get some lovin’? Everyone is interested in knowing: is it safe to have sex while being quarantined? Well, that all depends on who you have sex with.

Dr. Katherine Zagone, Medical Director of Gentera Beverly Hills, is interviewed on the topic by, USA TODAY!

“If you are at home with a partner (such as a spouse) in the same home, it’s completely safe” says Dr. Zagone. You’re actively sharing germs already, keep going. But intimacy with relative strangers, well, not so much. “If you’re close enough to have sexual contact, you’re close enough to have aerosol exposure,” Dr. Zagone says. Coronavirus may not be a sexually transmitted disease, it still spreads through sneezing, coughing, and saliva.

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