Weight Loss

Weight LossLet's be honest. Weight loss is hard and there are many different approaches. We've found that guidance within a professional and holistic weight loss program is the best approach. We get you on the right track to shed unwanted pounds, which also fosters a healthier self-image --  what Gentera is all about. 


The first step is a consultation, where we will discuss your goals.  Next, we closely scrutinize the ecology of your micronutrients, via the MNT test, a diagnostic panel that evaluates your levels of necessary nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. This provides a detailed overview of action at the cellular level and gives us a working foundation for personalizing the program.

Food Sensitivity

Sometimes we're the ones standing in our own way. Food sensitivities are evidence of the body working against itself by reaction to the food we eat. Thankfully, there are ways to work around this and provide your body with the nutritional benefits it needs while avoiding those that cause problems. We'll help you develop a diet that fits your body's unique nutritional needs and your lifestyle.

Give Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine a call today to get started on your free consultation for weight loss. We want to help you achieve your nutritional goals. Call (305) 676-8929 for our Miami, FL office or (818) 869-9865 for our Beverly Hills, CA office!

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